Zubok – Wanted: Chief Dental Officer

Zubok Seeks

Experienced leader from the dental industry to take on the role of Chief Dental Officer (CDO).

20% to 30% equity stake in the company

Co-Founder title

Main tasks:

– attract venture investments

– recommendations for product iteration
– Company/product promotion in the North American market

Briefly about Zubok: the dentist conducts an appointment, creates a patient card with his/her data and makes a diagnosis. The system uses AI to analyze the diagnosis and correlate it with suitable oral care products in our marketplace. These products (toothpastes, toothbrushes, dental floss, aligners etc.) are automatically sent to each patient after an appointment for purchase with a doctor’s recommendation.

The doctor receives his/her percentage from the sale, essentially doing his usual job.

In total, 15,000 US dentist subscribers in our system, according to our calculations, will bring in about $10M / month. Additional revenue lines are in store.

We are creating the world’s only free dental practice management system that allows dentists to earn money immediately after connecting.

At the moment we have a ready-made modern working DPMS with 81 subscribers who work in the system every day – https://youtu.be/B3kQ5rTegZE

Contact Yurii Panurov, CEO & Founder if interested. support @zubok-crm.com


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