Inflation is All About Monetary Policy – And Other Stuff Too

Inflation Is All About Monetary Policy – And Other Stuff Too by Michael SchmanskeChief Investment Officer, AngelMD “Inflation is always and everywhere a Monetary Phenomenon” – Milton Friedman For those of you who are not fanboys of Monetary theorists… Okay, just so you know, to a finance guy like me that kind of feels like… Continue reading Inflation is All About Monetary Policy – And Other Stuff Too

Value V Growth

Let’s talk about one of the most abused Stock classifications in public markets. Value vs. Growth stocks. Most investors are at least casually familiar with the terms. At its most basic, it is obvious. Utilities are Value stocks and speculative technology companies are growth stocks. But how do financial professionals classify them? And why is… Continue reading Value V Growth

Professional Blues

We don’t always make rational decisions in the moment, but over time people tend to be more versus less rational. To this end, the number of physicians retiring early, or leaving the profession for another line of work, hit 11% over the last few years, according to a report the Advisory Board shared over the… Continue reading Professional Blues

Big Tech & Healthcare

We have seen consistent stories over the last several years about how “Big Tech” is going to take over healthcare. Those software folks are going to show the neanderthals how to do it, is the underlying theme. The latest salvo has been the Amazon acquisition of One Medical. They almost simultaneously shut down their own… Continue reading Big Tech & Healthcare

The Funds Gap

The Funds Gap (part 2 of 2) by Michael Schmanske Consider the structure of an Institutional Asset Manager. They charge 2% on Assets Under Management (AUM). So a $250M fund generates $5M /year in fees. Operational and fundraising expenses take away ~ 40% of that leaving $3 million for compensation. An institutional PM doesn’t get… Continue reading The Funds Gap