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Every investor needs to develop an edge in each of these three areas. Anything less and you are guessing not investing.

Just as with any business, any investor should be looking for an edge. If you are investing in private healthcare investments, there is no place, or set of tools, in private healthcare investing that will match the edge provided by AngelMD.

Successful alternative investing can be boiled down to a few key elements:

  1. Pipeline
  2. Information / Evaluation
  3. Building Winners

Every investor needs to develop an edge in each of these three areas. Anything less and you are guessing not investing.

Pipeline – How are you sourcing deal flow? Your personal network may be sizable and that’s a great start. AngelMD flipped the traditional methodology for sourcing deal flow which usually rests on incoming deals tied to an individual’s personal network and/or having associates place calls, attend conferences etc. There is nothing wrong with these, but they are inefficient and incomplete. The AngelMD model has created incentives for universities, incubators and venture firms to list all of their startups with AngelMD. Why? We drive added support at no cost to them. But that’s not even sufficient. We compliment that pipeline with some of the best search engine optimized tools in the industry ensuring startups across the world find us…and they do. While we don’t accept or list every startup that applies to the platform, we do list thousands. More importantly, we give them tools and reasons to keep you (the investor) up to date with their efforts.

All investing involves a key need for information. This is why Bloomberg exists and thrives. AngelMD is the equivalent for private healthcare investing. We build tools and create incentives to ensure we are getting access to the best information available on opportunities. Further, we leverage an artificial intelligence engine to cultivate unique insights from clinicians as we review leading startups in the community. Unparalleled access to information and insights combined with the large pipeline start to build a game-changing investment stack.

Finally, we are firm believers, and observers, that you don’t just “predict” winners in private investments, you must build them. If you don’t have a systematic way to build winners, you are in the prediction game…and ALL of these early stage companies will iterate and pivot as they work towards success. While most will fail statistically, no one has any way of knowing which will fail and which won’t. But, we can apply systemic support to the ones with the most promise and improve outcomes across a portfolio.

AngelMD is driven to help investors achieve better outcomes through a combination of access, technology and tools. We’d be happy to explore if this stack can be of help in your efforts. 

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