Just as with any business, any investor should be looking for an edge. If you are investing in private healthcare investments, there is no place, or set of tools, in private healthcare investing that will match the edge provided by AngelMD. Successful alternative investing can be boiled down to a few key elements: Pipeline Information… Continue reading Impact

Catalyst Fund II

Catalyst Fund II Building on the success of Catalyst Fund I, this fund intends to invest in Seed and early Series A startups across medical device, therapeutics and digital health, leveraging the unique tools of the AngelMD platform. While managing risk in early stage companies is difficult, the AngelMD community provides unparalleled access and tools… Continue reading Catalyst Fund II

Catalyst Fund I

Catalyst Fund I was the first in a family of funds with the goal of investing in some of the most promising early stage companies in the AngelMD community. With the post investment resources of the AngelMD community at their disposal, portfolio companies have an edge in their maturation process. This fund invested in a… Continue reading Catalyst Fund I


Getting involved with AngelMD is easy. Its also Free. The first step is to join. From there, we encourage you to attend your first Pitch Club event. These are held every two weeks on a Tuesday evening and they represent a microcosm of the AngelMD community. Plus, they are fun. From there, you can lean… Continue reading How


Technology is advancing at a faster pace than anytime in history. Our families and communities all benefit from a more efficient and effective healthcare system. The innovation ecosystem includes a variety of stakeholders from startups to clinicians to investors to Industry. AngelMD is designed to place clinicians at the forefront of innovation and create valuable… Continue reading Why


Clinicians deserve a place to leverage their expertise and experience outside of seeing patients. The next generation of innovation and startups need clinician voices and influence.  There 6 primary ways clinicians can contribute to and benefit from being a member of AngelMD: Learn – we are a community of life-long learners. Whether it’s business, entrepreneurship,… Continue reading What


Problem We’re Solving Traumatic non-compressible hemorrhage is the number 1 cause of death for Americans between the ages 1 and 44, in battlefield conditions as well as civilian scenarios. Each year, 160+k individuals die from traumatic injury, of which it is estimated that up to 35% (55+K) are preventable with more adequate, pre-hospital hemorrhage control.… Continue reading Haima


Problem We’re Solving Medication mismanagement causes a huge amount of morbidity and mortality and is a major cause of hospitalizations – interactions, allergies, polypharmacy, missed refills, poor adherence etc. However, these all occur when the patient in not in the clinic – finding ways to scalably engage these patients that are in the community triage… Continue reading ScalaMed

Lena Bioscience

Problem We’re Solving Despite the use of targeted therapies, one in three cancer patients still dies within 5 years from diagnosis. Wealthy patients can afford the implantation of their tumor samples in mice for personalized drug testing to identify the best drugs for their tumors. The problem is the time it takes. If a mouse… Continue reading Lena Bioscience


Problem We’re Solving Cancer continues to inflict devastating consequences worldwide. Initially Bexion was founded to develop innovative treatments for cancer. Bexion is currently running a Phase 2 clinical trial for a rare pediatric brain tumor (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma-DIPG) and plans to initiate two additional adult Phase 2 programs in 2021. A Phase I, all-comers… Continue reading Bexion