Problem We’re Solving

Despite the use of targeted therapies, one in three cancer patients still dies within 5 years from diagnosis. Wealthy patients can afford the implantation of their tumor samples in mice for personalized drug testing to identify the best drugs for their tumors. The problem is the time it takes. If a mouse accepts the tumor, it takes 4-8 months for the tumor to develop in a mouse so that the drugs can be tested. Patients often do not have that much time, and drug testing is limited to drugs which are known to work in mice. We can grow tumors with our Perfused Organ Panel platform which mimics the human body, and can identify drugs which work in humans at a fraction of the time and cost of personalized therapy testing in mice. Our solution allows to test, repurpose and identify drugs which can kill the patient’s tumor as a whole en block, not just the initial mutation, and not just some cells, but all of them to prevent drug resistance and future metastases

Company Overview

Lena Biosciences is a biotechnology company focused on saving people’s lives by identifying which cancer drugs work best for their particular cancer. Using our patented microphysiological system technology, we can save patients 4-6 months of time to obtain a personalized drug therapy result at half the cost of growing their tumors in mice. In addition, we can test all drugs, not just those that work in mice, to see what works best for the patient not the mouse. We will grow as a contract research organization by providing B2B services to cancer center and hospitals. Our technology can also resolve critical go/no go drug decisions for pharma and guide new drug design which will provide additional revenue opportunities. The technology development has been funded by small business awards from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation, after passing rigorous scientific review, and is covered by two issued patents.