Getting involved with AngelMD is easy. Its also Free. The first step is to join. From there, we encourage you to attend your first Pitch Club event. These are held every two weeks on a Tuesday evening and they represent a microcosm of the AngelMD community. Plus, they are fun.
From there, you can lean in on a variety of fronts:
Stay plugged in by subscribing to the blog, read the newsletter that gets delivered to members every two weeks on Sunday morning and subscribe to the Innovation4Alpha podcast.
Join the Clinical Advisory Board (CAB). This unique board is the group of clinician leaders who are offered evaluation opportunities in exchange for startup equity or fees. There is no time commitment other than the evaluations you agree to participate in.
Want to participate as a startup advisor? If you haven’t done advisory or Board work before, we have educational content to help get you up to speed. If you are ready to go, we periodically list startups seeking advisors and will put you in touch.

If you have questions or suggestions along the way, we are here. Click on the CHAT button and let’s talk now. Not a good time? Send us a Note.