Clinicians deserve a place to leverage their expertise and experience outside of seeing patients. The next generation of innovation and startups need clinician voices and influence. 


There 6 primary ways clinicians can contribute to and benefit from being a member of AngelMD:


  1. Learn – we are a community of life-long learners. Whether it’s business, entrepreneurship, investing or new technology, there is something for everyone.
  2. Refer – If you are advising or working on new innovation, we want to help. Refer your startups to AngelMD.
  3. Evaluate – Contribute your expertise as we evaluate next generation technology and companies. Earn equity in startups or get paid depending on the project.
  4. Invest – For those that want to put capital to work, we’ll provide very select opportunities to invest intelligently.
  5. Advise – Get connected to startups in your area of expertise and help them work toward commercial success.
  6. Connect – Meet and engage with fellow clinicians with an interest in business and innovation. Have some fun while you are at it.


Once you join you will be added to our newsletter mailing list. This comes out every two weeks and is a key way to stay informed. We also encourage all members to subscribe to our blog and our Podcast partner – Innovation4Alpha. These are also great resources to stay connected and learn along the way. As you see opportunities to lean in, come on in. The water is warm.

By the way, every clinician should be looking to join the Clinical Advisory Board. There is no board like it in healthcare and its designed around you. Learn More.


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