Financings – Continued from Vital Signs 9/29/23

Listings that didn’t get included in the 9/29/23 edition of Vital Signs are here. If you are NOT receiving Vital Signs via email, send us a note and we’ll make sure to get you on the distribution list. The email briefing is designed to keep you informed of financings, new ideas and provide helpful educational… Continue reading Financings – Continued from Vital Signs 9/29/23

Medtech Financings

Medtech financings continue at a rapid pace led by therapeutics, AI and robotics. Below are just a few of the fundings we couldnt fit into a Vital Signs newsletter. CMR Surgical – a surgical robotics company, raised $165M. (Cambridge, UK) Corti – an AI assistant for healthcare professionals, raised a $60M Series B. (Copenhagen, DN)… Continue reading Medtech Financings

10 Common Thinking Errors Leaders Make

Mark Sanborn is a leading author and speaker with deep expertise on the topics of leadership and teams. His most recent post shares 10 mistakes leaders make in their thinking. None of the 10 will surprise you, but it’s a useful list and refresher for all leaders. We all have blind-spots, and the most effective… Continue reading 10 Common Thinking Errors Leaders Make

M&A in the Vet Space Continues

While animal health is not at the top of the news cycle in healthcare, it continues to be a space that attracts considerable PE attention and money. On the one hand there is the fact that “translational medicine” has increasingly become mainstream in the last decade and the dollars being spent on animal health continue… Continue reading M&A in the Vet Space Continues

Medical Missions & You

Lots of AngelMD members are involved in medical missions work at one time or another. Some founded organizations and others attend missions trips when able. Medical Missions are an incredible opportunity to serve people who are far less fortunate. One of the biggest challenges surrounding missions work has little to do with the medical care… Continue reading Medical Missions & You

Rollups in Urology

Over the past decade we have seen the percentage of independent medical practices consistently drop as rollups and acquisitions dominate the landscape. While some speculate that the bulk of the M&A activity is drawing to close, the data would disagree. Sectors like orthopedics, dental and anesthesia have seen mega rollups, but there is plenty of… Continue reading Rollups in Urology

Annual Strategic Planning

As Fall gets underway, it’s an ideal time for every company to prepare for 2024 strategic planning. (this certainly includes medical practices, but for this post we will focus on startups) Strategic Planning is often pushed under the rug by business owners/operators because they are too busy treading water. We get it. Everyone has the… Continue reading Annual Strategic Planning

Football Season is HERE – Calling Team Physicians

Football season has begun and there is no story bigger than what Deion Sanders is doing with the CU Football Program. This story isn’t a great story just because of hype or because they beat a decent football team out of the gate. It’s a great story because it’s a case study in coaching and… Continue reading Football Season is HERE – Calling Team Physicians