Football Season is HERE – Calling Team Physicians

Football season has begun and there is no story bigger than what Deion Sanders is doing with the CU Football Program. This story isn’t a great story just because of hype or because they beat a decent football team out of the gate. It’s a great story because it’s a case study in coaching and leadership. It’s a great story because Prime always makes things entertaining while also setting a great example for young athletes. It’s a great story because it has rejuvenated alumni and donations to CU like nothing in their history. The rest of the details are filler.

But this week things kick into a new gear as the NFL finally gets underway. In the US there is no bigger sport. Despite the US Open tennis tournament heading to the quarter finals and the MLB playoff hunt going on, the lion’s share of the media attention this week will continue to be about the NFL or CU.

While we love sports, we love the untold stories of the professionals behind the scenes. We love to hear from the team physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists that are such an integral part of every sport. With the close of Summer, we will be kicking our media channel coverage into high gear to include stories in MD Next magazine, the Innovation4Alpha podcast and the VitalSigns newsletter. If you are a sports physician, we want to connect. Please shoot us some quick info. FORM


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