Raising Early Stage Capital

While we have covered aspects of this topic in almost 100 blog articles over the past few years, it bears repeating in the current form. Every single day we speak to an entrepreneur getting ready to raise a Seed or Series A round or trying to finish one off. There is no science to raising… Continue reading Raising Early Stage Capital

For Physicians

From the outset of AngelMD, the central theme was enabling physicians to leverage their influence in areas outside clinical practice. Most of that focus was in the area of new innovation and startups. Throughout the first phase of the company, in the process of identifying the “product-market” fit, it was clear we were tapping into… Continue reading For Physicians

Startups and Tax Optimization

Most startup investors aren’t aware of one of the biggest incentives for placing capital in qualified startups – the QSBS tax exclusion. This is a significant reason you should be looking at startup investment allocations over alternatives that have typically much steeper tax implications on any gains. According to BNY Mellon “Recognizing that small businesses… Continue reading Startups and Tax Optimization

Perception V Reality

Perception vs. Reality Have you been following the FTX collapse? Amazing story about the fall of a Bitcoin Billionaire with all of the incredulity and schadenfreude you’d expect. I won’t cover it here. Matt Levine at Bloomberg has been doing a far better job than I could. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2022-11-17/matt-levine-s-money-stuff-ftx-was-not-very-careful I’d like to talk about something “bigger”.… Continue reading Perception V Reality