Lessons Learned – Medical Device

What Not To Do We can learn from our wins, but it’s often the things that went wrong that have the potential to teach us the most. Each year we see hundreds of startups pull the plug after trying to build the next winner. There are some patterns to the failures and we will share… Continue reading Lessons Learned – Medical Device

JP Morgan Week 2023

For most startups and investors in the healthcare industry, the week of JP Morgan’s Healthcare Conference is a bit like the Super Bowl. Its expensive, its chaotic and its a right of passage. (note: offer to help at the bottom of this post) (We also want to point out that CES is also kicking off… Continue reading JP Morgan Week 2023

Raising Early Stage Capital

While we have covered aspects of this topic in almost 100 blog articles over the past few years, it bears repeating in the current form. Every single day we speak to an entrepreneur getting ready to raise a Seed or Series A round or trying to finish one off. There is no science to raising… Continue reading Raising Early Stage Capital

Raising Capital Sucks

Raising Capital Sucks That’s right. Raising capital is perhaps the most difficult part of building any angel/venture backed business. I stipulate angel or venture backed because there is a misnomer that has grown over the years that every startup needs outside funding. Not so. But for the sake of this topic, we are going to… Continue reading Raising Capital Sucks

Five Tips for Turning Rejections Into a Successful Raise

Every founder is bound to be turned down by multiple people, but that doesn’t mean their ideas aren’t great. DocSend, now owned by DropBox, is one of our favorite fundraising tools. They recently shared a post by Max Fleitmann, Founding Partner, Wizard Venture. Max lays out some comfort food for everyone going through the agony… Continue reading Five Tips for Turning Rejections Into a Successful Raise

Fast Yes Fast No – Tools for Effectively Raising Capital

The kiss of death for any startup raising capital is hearing “maybe.” As much as it may seem painful, presume “maybe” is “no” and move on. You are better off aggregating more interested parties than spending time trying to move the fence-sitters off the fence. But, let’s step back and deconstruct the process. The critical… Continue reading Fast Yes Fast No – Tools for Effectively Raising Capital