We’re Thankful For You As we enter Thanksgiving week, we want to articulate our gratitude for this community. We are honored to be part of, and facilitate the interactions in this network of incredible people. Each and every day we are blown away by the hard work, care and selflessness on display. The majority of… Continue reading Thankful

Premium Startup Service: Audience Expansion

The first official offering under the Startup Premium Services is our audience expansion tool-kit. Starting immediately, companies participating in events like Pitch Club or Investor Q&A sessions, will be given a budget to apply toward audience generation. Our Alpha Creative team will create several digital assets appropriate for social media promotion and we’ll run online… Continue reading Premium Startup Service: Audience Expansion

Why We’re Introducing Startup Premium Services & Memberships

All startups have to be effective at several essential functions. Unless the team leading the startup has been through the process a number of times, most of the functions are not going to be amongst their core strengths. Central to the startup is the technology being developed. Developing this innovation must be the core strength… Continue reading Why We’re Introducing Startup Premium Services & Memberships

Investment Minimums

Investment Minimum is Not a Cover Charge For those of you young enough to be going to nightclubs, you know the allure of the hot club with a velvet rope blocking the entrance. Behind the rope lies excitement, mystery and happiness. After you pay the cover charge. Most of us have moved on from that… Continue reading Investment Minimums

QA & Coffee


Monthly Startup QA The AngelMD Leadership Team and our Advisors have had the benefit of working with thousands of startups over the years. We love to provide feedback, guidance and support. The challenge is time. In order to optimize efficiency, we will begin offering an opportunity for startup teams to join a group QA each… Continue reading QA & Coffee

Elections Have Consequences

Elections Have Consequences A quick post to get some thoughts in on Election Day 2022. The question is… “Do mid-term elections matter in terms of finance?” It turns out, elections are less important to finance than the news pundits will try to make it. I get it, news analysts need to analyze, haters gonna hate… Continue reading Elections Have Consequences

Raising Capital Sucks

Raising Capital Sucks That’s right. Raising capital is perhaps the most difficult part of building any angel/venture backed business. I stipulate angel or venture backed because there is a misnomer that has grown over the years that every startup needs outside funding. Not so. But for the sake of this topic, we are going to… Continue reading Raising Capital Sucks