Premium Startup Service: Audience Expansion
The first official offering under the Startup Premium Services is our audience expansion tool-kit. Starting immediately, companies participating in events like Pitch Club or Investor Q&A sessions, will be given a budget to apply toward audience generation.

Our Alpha Creative team will create several digital assets appropriate for social media promotion and we’ll run online campaigns to drive larger audiences to your events. The entire package is extremely cost effective.

For example, Pitch Club participation will have a small base cost. 85% of the cost will go directly into digital asset development and online marketing. 15% will cover account management. The budget will support creation of two campaign assets to be used across Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. Daily campaigns will be run and adjusted to maximize effectiveness. The simple objective is to increase the size and focus of the audience attending your Pitch Club presentation.

It’s logical to ask whether the startup should consider doing this “in-house.” The simple answer is that it would be a terrible use of time and resources. The Alpha Creative team is far more cost efficient than any in house or hired resources. Moreover, this is their core skill. Finally, we have run hundreds of events and online campaigns and know how to maximize results. There is no calculation in which this would make sense to do in house even at 5X or 10X what you’ll be paying.

You may be asking if we will offer these services for startups not participating in Pitch Club, Investor RoadShows, Investor QAs etc. The answer is that this service will be available on a very limited basis. The Alpha Creative team has limited bandwidth and these specific offerings are usually best with events. There are exceptions. A startup that has a specific campaign may elect to engage this process to drive awareness and interest in that campaign. We’ll discuss these opportunities on a case by case basis. We want to set you up for success, so we’ll only take on projects that fit the patterns where we have experienced success.

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