Health Pals

Problem We’re Solving The CDC reports that 80% of all heart attacks and strokes are preventable with appropriate initiation of preventive treatments. However, the RAND Corporation revealed that over half of all preventive medical decisions are not evidence-based. This failure to institute proven preventive therapies has exposed a critical need for a population management tool… Continue reading Health Pals

Heart Hero

Problem We’re Solving HeartHero is on a mission to save millions of lives from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), which claims over 350,000 lives annually in the U.S. alone (American Heart Association, 2017). We are revolutionizing the AED, the crucial lifesaving device for SCA, to make it more accessible to more people at their time of… Continue reading Heart Hero

Raydiant Oximetry

Problem We’re Solving Clinicians struggle to subjectively interpret fetal heart rate patterns, a 50-­‐year-­‐old technology that has an 89% false positive rate for detecting fetal distress. This ambiguity results in changes to patient care, including cesarean sections, which are later shown to be unnecessary. This has health care implications for mother and child while driving… Continue reading Raydiant Oximetry


Problem We’re Solving PharmaJet’s devices solve various problems: 1) Needle stick/re-use/pass along disease 2) Bringing new vaccines to market which do not work with needles 3) Patient compliance (5-18% more people participate in immunization) 4) Return on investment/savings for back to the user for each injection Delivering vaccines without a needle addresses a host of… Continue reading PharmaJet

Life Sprout

Problem We’re Solving Soft tissue losses from cancer surgery, trauma, and aging are a ubiquitous problem in clinical medicine, affecting millions of patients per year. Injectable soft tissue fillers, such as those used in facial aesthetics are a preferred option over invasive surgical procedures (i.e. fat grafting and free tissue transfer) for reconstruction and rejuvenation.… Continue reading Life Sprout