Problem We’re Solving



Clinicians struggle to subjectively interpret fetal heart rate patterns, a 50-­‐year-­‐old technology that has an 89% false positive rate for detecting fetal distress. This ambiguity results in changes to patient care, including cesarean sections, which are later shown to be unnecessary. This has health care implications for mother and child while driving up health care costs. Currently there is no commercially available method to measure fetal oxygenation during birth. Our  technology  directly  determines  the  fetal  oxygen  level  using  a  safe,  external,  single-­‐use  sensor that complements existing fetal Doppler, and integrates seamlessly into the current monitoring  system.  It  has  the  potential  to  become  the  standard  of  care  for  fetal  monitoring  during childbirth.


Company Overview



Raydiant  Oximetry,  Inc.  has  developed  a  safe  and  non-­‐invasive  technology  that  directly  monitors a babies’ oxygenation during childbirth. For obstetric providers who are dissatisfied with  current  fetal  heart  rate  monitoring  systems,  this  technology  leads  to  better-­‐informed  decision-‐making and better patient care.

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