Problem We’re Solving



Soft tissue losses from cancer surgery, trauma, and aging are a ubiquitous problem in clinical medicine, affecting millions of patients per year. Injectable soft tissue fillers, such as those used in facial aesthetics are a preferred option over invasive surgical procedures (i.e. fat grafting and free tissue transfer) for reconstruction and rejuvenation. However, limitations of current soft tissue fillers include (1) modest lifting effect, (2) limited duration of reconstructive outcomes, (3) lack of tissue integration, (4) propensity for fibrosis, and (5) inability to deliver cells or drugs for true soft tissue restoration. LifeSprout’s off-the-shelf soft tissue replacement looks, feels, and performs like living tissue, providing a market-bound solution to the current competitor shortcomings.


Company Overview



LifeSprout’s first-in-class composites offer immediate restoration of three-dimensional soft tissue volumes via a synthetic injectable that looks and behaves like natural tissue.