Problem We’re Solving



The CDC reports that 80% of all heart attacks and strokes are preventable with appropriate initiation of preventive treatments. However, the RAND Corporation revealed that over half of all preventive medical decisions are not evidence-based. This failure to institute proven preventive therapies has exposed a critical need for a population management tool that can identify at-risk individuals and recommend appropriate preventive interventions. HealthPals’ CLINT achieves these aims through an individualized, evidence-based, AI-enhanced solution, that can be deployed across large patient populations. HealthPals CLINT begins as an inference engine that has codified cardiometabolic disease guidelines issued by the ACC, AHA, USPSTF, and several other medical societies. CLINT ingests a diverse array of patient data streams (EMR, PHR, wearable, claims, X-omics, etc) and applies all relevant guideline- and best practice-driven recommendations to form an actionable risk profile and treatment plan for every patient. CLINT’s uniquely powered AI platform then optimizes each intervention for every patient and patient cohort. The CLINT individual risk and treatment profile scales to an evidence-based population management dashboard that risk segments entire cohorts of patients, and better focuses resource allocation to reduce risk. In summary, CLINT is a unique, AI-driven population health solution that directly improves chronic disease prevention, treatment, and spend.


Company Overview



Founded in 2015, HealthPals is a VC-backed, pre-Series A, Silicon Valley based startup. HealthPals has pioneered a new field in digital health – Precision Prevention – which maps patient data into evidence-based treatments to identify actionable gaps in care and treatment opportunities for large public/private health systems and pharma companies. HealthPals has secured a coveted and market-leading partnership with the American College of Cardiology, and has now analyzed > 200 million patient-life-years of data, through which HealthPals is now optimizing treatment plans for cardiometabolic disease. Although population health solutions are widely available, these solutions are ‘top down’, claims-based platforms. They are not actionable for patient care at either the individual or health system level. HealthPals’ CLinical INTelligence (CLINT) platform scales individual treatment profiles into a dynamic, ‘bottom-up’ dashboard. The medically actionable visualizations of CLINT are unique, combining a powerful ‘prescriptive’ care gap analysis with AI-driven optimizations, resulting in strategic and tactical insights for health systems and pharma. HealthPals has not only secured IP in this space, but has also leveraged the largest cardiometabolic database in the world (ACC PINNACLE) to power its AI optimizations. With deployments at major health centers, a top 5 tech company, and leading medical societies – and now with imminent large scale deployments in government health systems globally – HealthPals is actively transforming how patient care is delivered. In one clinical study, CLINT-powered decision making resulted in a 32% relative reduction in 10-year cardiovascular risk in a just 3 month period. Therefore, the potential impact on CVD event rates is profound.