When a startup or an investment is successful, it’s more likely that we attribute the outcome to a great idea and solid execution. While these two attributes are critical, they are not sufficient. skill. Over the years, some of our most successful entrepreneurs and investors have shared that luck is underestimated in this equation. Mark… Continue reading Luck

Financings – Cont. from Vital Signs 11/14/23

We had several financings that didnt make the 11/14 edition of Vital Signs. VectorY Therapeutics – a biotech company developing antibody therapies to treat neurodegenerative diseases, raised a $138M Series A. (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Needed – a company that develops nutrition products for prenatal care, raised $14M. (LA, CA)

Financings – Cont. from Vital Signs 11/7/23

Listings that didn’t get included in the 11/7/23 edition of Vital Signs are here. If you are NOT receiving Vital Signs via email, send us a note and we’ll make sure to get you on the distribution list. The email briefing is designed to keep you informed of financings, new ideas and provide helpful educational… Continue reading Financings – Cont. from Vital Signs 11/7/23