QA & Coffee
Monthly Startup QA

The AngelMD Leadership Team and our Advisors have had the benefit of working with thousands of startups over the years. We love to provide feedback, guidance and support. The challenge is time.

In order to optimize efficiency, we will begin offering an opportunity for startup teams to join a group QA each month. Members of the AngelMD Leadership team, and Advisors, will participate. Entrepreneurs will have to sign up in advance and can submit questions or topics they’d like to focus on.

The benefit of this format is that fellow entrepreneurs can learn from the questions and discussion driven by their peers. Many questions can be answered once. It’s even possible entrepreneurs will make connections with peers that can be helpful moving forward.

The sessions will be scheduled to last 90 minutes, but we’ll allocate enough leeway so they can run long if there is demand.

In Q1 2003, AngelMD will be introducing Premium Memberships for startups. The memberships will provide access to events, special coverage across the AngelMD media channels, eligibility for our proprietary expert evaluation and resulting report and Managed Syndicates. We’ll release more information on this offering over the coming month, but the Coffee QA is a small part of what will be included in the membership. For now, there is no cost.

Join us Wednesday, December 10 at 1PM MT for the first session. BYOC – Bring Your Own Coffee. RSVP

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