Medical Missions & You
medical missions

Lots of AngelMD members are involved in medical missions work at one time or another. Some founded organizations and others attend missions trips when able. Medical Missions are an incredible opportunity to serve people who are far less fortunate.

One of the biggest challenges surrounding missions work has little to do with the medical care being delivered. Instead, most physicians find themselves entangled in the fundraising process and the need to accumulate equipment and supplies and have them shipped to the destination. This almost always ends up in some form of a fire drill and distracts from obligations “back home” and limits the missions work in one form or another.

In a Utopian world, physicians would focus on what they uniquely do…serve patients. Others can raise capital, secure equipment etc. When a physician is forced to take on these tasks, the system is not optimized. There will never be perfectly clean swim lanes, but the more we can work toward optimized division of labor, the more impact medical missions efforts will have.

While we architect solutions, we would love to highlight missions work being carried out by members. Please let us know if you are involved in medical missions work in any way. We will reach out and get more information so we can tell the story of the group. We’d like to highlight medical missions efforts in the MD Next magazine and on our Innovation4Alpha podcast. FORM


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