Rollups in Urology
Over the past decade we have seen the percentage of independent medical practices consistently drop as rollups and acquisitions dominate the landscape. While some speculate that the bulk of the M&A activity is drawing to close, the data would disagree. Sectors like orthopedics, dental and anesthesia have seen mega rollups, but there is plenty of room for more elsewhere. Levin & associates shares that “there is almost unlimited potential for financial growth in urology because of rising patient demand. “Urology is a surgical subspecialty where you can do very well as an investor,” said Hector Torres, a managing director at DC Advisory. However, urology has flown somewhat under the radar in recent years as excitement around other hot specialties like cardiology and orthopedics surged. According to Levin Associates’ proprietary platform, which tracks healthcare mergers and acquisitions in real-time, there have been 26 urology deals announced since January 2018. By comparison, in the same time frame, there have been nearly 200 deals involving dermatology practices, 100+ deals in orthopedics and gastroenterology, and 40+ in cardiology.”

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