Medtech Financings
Medtech financings continue at a rapid pace led by therapeutics, AI and robotics. Below are just a few of the fundings we couldnt fit into a Vital Signs newsletter. CMR Surgical – a surgical robotics company, raised $165M. (Cambridge, UK) Corti – an AI assistant for healthcare professionals, raised a $60M Series B. (Copenhagen, DN) Vivante Health – a digital health care platform specifically for patients with digestive conditions, raised a $31M Series B. (Chicago, IL) Inbound Health – a platform that provides models for health systems to transition to at-home care, raised a $30M Series B. (Minneapolis, MN) Summus – a platform that connects medical patients with specialists virtually, raised $19.5M. (NY, NY) Medeloop – a platform designed to make clinical research and trials faster through the use of AI, raised an $8M Seed round. (Palo Alto, CA) HealNow – an online payments platform for pharmacies, raised a $5.5M Seed round. (NY, NY) Diligent Robotics – a developer of robotic automation solutions for the healthcare industry, raised $25M. (Austin, TX) JURA Bio – a company using machine learning and synthetic biology to develop new therapeutics, raised $16.1M. (Boston, MA) Mammaly – a pet supplements brand, raised a $14.9M Series A. (Berlin, Germany)

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