Problem We’re Solving

Traumatic non-compressible hemorrhage is the number 1 cause of death for Americans between the ages 1 and 44, in battlefield conditions as well as civilian scenarios. Each year, 160+k individuals die from traumatic injury, of which it is estimated that up to 35% (55+K) are preventable with more adequate, pre-hospital hemorrhage control. Currently, the clinical treatment strategy for such hemorrhage is massive transfusion of RBC:plasma:platelets in 1:1:1 ratio after arrival at a trauma center. However, this is only possible if the patient can be brought to a clinic that has access to blood products as well as personnel experienced in transfusion-based resuscitation. Unfortunately, most hemorrhage-related deaths occur at point-of-injury and en route to clinic, and the availability of these blood products, especially platelets, in the pre-hospital framework is highly limited. This is because platelet concentrates (currently stored in suspension at room temperature as per FDA guidelines) have a high risk of bacterial contamination as well as a loss of bioactivity in storage, resulting in a shelf-life of only 3-5 days, which presents severe logistical challenges. To this end, we have developed a ‘synthetic platelet’ technology, called SynthoPlateTM (SP), that can stimulate the primary hemostatic mechanisms and capabilities of natural platelets, does not need type matching, and can allow large-scale manufacturing, sterilization, long shelf-life, and portability. Furthermore, bleeding complications occur in a variety of clinical indications including surgery and thrombocytopenia.

Company Overview

Haima Therapeutics is a pre-clinical stage biotechnology company focused on developing bio-inspired therapies to mitigate bleeding in multiple therapeutic indications including traumatic injury, surgery, and thrombocytopenia. Haima has developed a novel, fully-synthetic nanoparticle-based hemostatic technology is called SynthoPlateTM that mitigates bleeding by acting at the site of injury and amplifying your body’s natural clotting mechanisms. Haima Therapeutics LLC was founded in 2016 by Drs. Anirban Sen Gupta and Christa Pawlowski, based on groundbreaking work from the Sen Gupta laboratory at Case Western Reserve University. The recent development of SynthoPlate has been supported by several federally-funded grants including Phase I SBIR awards from DOD, NSF, and NIH as well as a services award from the NIH to assist with regulatory and preclinical safety testing. Haima is supported by a team of scientific and business advisors with the experience and know-how to bring a technology like SP through pre-clinical development, clinical evaluation and to the market.