Problem We’re Solving



Medication mismanagement causes a huge amount of morbidity and mortality and is a major cause of hospitalizations – interactions, allergies, polypharmacy, missed refills, poor adherence etc. However, these all occur when the patient in not in the clinic – finding ways to scalably engage these patients that are in the community triage them and help support them with their medications is a challenge – yet a huge need as we move to value based care and contracts. Some other problems: Doctors and clinics spend too much administration time sending, recalling, finding, re-issuing and reconciling prescriptions with patients and pharmacies. Patients are inconvenienced by having their prescriptions hijacked in pharmacies rather than owning them and having the portability that paper used to offer them. 10% of all hospitalizations are due to medication issues (we help prevent these with patients carrying their source of truth). 50% of patients stop taking their medicines due to forgetfulness, run out of scripts, cost, or lack knowledge or understanding of why those medicines are important.


Company Overview



The world’ first digital wallet for prescriptions – an end-to-end system giving patients the power to simply manage their meds, and clinicians the opportunity to ePrescribe medicines directly to the patient. The whole doctor, patient, pharmacy process is now just one simple API. ScalaMed creates a seamless way to access, engage and influence patients inside ANY app. ScalaMed leverages the most frequent healthcare transaction – prescriptions to create a repeatable hook with which to engage patients. ScalaMed empowers patients to receive, store and fill their prescriptions from their phone. Rather than ePrescribing an Rx to a pharmacy that might be closed, out of network, or overpriced, we enable every EMR (no integration required) to ePrescribe directly to a patient’s phone first – empowering the patient to take control of their prescriptions and fulfillment. This new touch point for patient engagement and activation, creates a unique access point to virtualize care management – warnings, reminders, alerts, education, and nudges, to affect change and outcomes through this world first platform. For patients: Can receive their prescriptions and interact with them 24/7, receiving relevant content, information, warnings (potential allergy or interactions issues) and adherence messages (reminders when to refill, and daily reminders as appropriate). Patients can price compare BEFORE sending their prescriptions to a pharmacy. Patients carry their validated prescriptions and history with them 24/7. Clinic benefits: Reduce hospitalizations, errors, and improve adherence seamlessly and scalably across your network of patients – patients are empowered, knowledgeable and activated. Time saving – seamless integration into the EMRs (just select ScalaMed as the destination “pharmacy”) means reduced admin burden of moving prescriptions between pharmacies on behalf of the patients. Customers: Payers, PBMs, Pharmaceutical companies, and any of the 318,000 health companies with an App, license and embed ScalaMed’s APIs inside THEIR app, creating a unique and frequent patient touchpoint, enabling them to access and influence their patients/members in real-time via their prescriptions.