Just as with any business, any investor should be looking for an edge. If you are investing in private healthcare investments, there is no place, or set of tools, in private healthcare investing that will match the edge provided by AngelMD. Successful alternative investing can be boiled down to a few key elements: Pipeline Information… Continue reading Impact

Catalyst Fund II

Catalyst Fund II Building on the success of Catalyst Fund I, this fund intends to invest in Seed and early Series A startups across medical device, therapeutics and digital health, leveraging the unique tools of the AngelMD platform. While managing risk in early stage companies is difficult, the AngelMD community provides unparalleled access and tools… Continue reading Catalyst Fund II

Catalyst Fund I

Catalyst Fund I was the first in a family of funds with the goal of investing in some of the most promising early stage companies in the AngelMD community. With the post investment resources of the AngelMD community at their disposal, portfolio companies have an edge in their maturation process. This fund invested in a… Continue reading Catalyst Fund I