Mid-Year Healthcare Investments & Exits Report

The mid-year SVB /Leerink investments and exits reports is now out. This group does a nice job tapping their own data combined with a significant subscription with PitchBook to generate a report worth reviewing.

Despite a tough macroeconomic market with dwindling IPOs and downward spiraling public market valuations, Q1 investment was surprisingly robust totaling $23 billion, but Q2 showed weaker numbers with $14.8 billion in investment.”<br>

Most of you reading this are not professional investors. (aka – VCs, Family Offices etc.) In other words, you are not making your living allocating capital professionally. So the question is: “What am I to make of this report and how should it influence any decision to invest time or money into an early stage venture?”

Our suggestion is to take from it what you take from a new Labor Report or a Fed Rate change decision….worth knowing about, but probably not terribly impactful to anyone investing for the long term. As “value investors” we are looking at capital allocation into areas that have promise years from now…not months or quarters.

It’s also worth browsing the latest Triple Tree M&A Report.

If you want to download the full report, Click HERE


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