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We wrapped up our 2021 Pitch Club series this week with our annual Startup Showcase.  We took the opportunity to get some views from our community outside of healthcare innovation, asking attendees perspectives on topics from investing to football to taxes.  Interestingly, when it came to questions around finances (investing and taxes), there were clear winners, while personal interest questions showed diversity in responses.

We appreciate all who joined us for the event, submitted insightful questions for the startups and shared your thoughts in our year end poll.

Check out their responses and see how your answers would compare.

If you were given $1M to invest this week, select from one of the following options to place the money.

Despite the drive for vaccine adoption and Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla hailing his company’s antiviral pill Paxlovid as a “game changer” after final trial data showed a nearly 90% reduction in risk of hospitalization among high-risk groups, (full article) only 11% of respondents would put their money with Pfizer.  Likewise, only 11% would invest in Bitcoin after its steady 2021 climb.  The clear winner is diversification in the S&P fund(nod to Warren Buffett) and Amazon if you go the single company route.  

Are taxes going up, down or staying the same in 2022?


Most respondents believe taxes will go up (56%) or stay the same (33%), but a few (11%) are holding out for taxes to go down.  As usual, the complexities of the tax system mean the exact impact will be determined when we actually file our returns.  While Congress is pushing for tax increases for certain income brackets, what is less obvious are the “silent taxes” we are incurring in new fees, inflation and taxes outside of income / capital gains.

If you were given a free vacation that had to be taken over New Year’s, which one would you select?

While this question did have a somewhat more even distribution than the others, interestingly nearly half (44%) would choose Iceland for a New Year’s vacation.  It has definitely become a hot spot…although not hot.

Are you going to make New Year’s Resolutions this year?

Respondents are pretty evenly divided on whether they will partake in this time honored tradition.  


For those who said yes, we wish you all the success in achieving your resolution goals.  

Who from this list will win the SuperBowl? The votes on SuperBowl champ were pretty evenly distributed, which is understandable given the team stats across this group are pretty closely aligned. Still, we have come to learn it’s foolish to bet against Tom Brady.

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