Best Healthcare Startups 2021

We want to congratulate the startups who were nominated for this year’s Best Healthcare Startups list. Voting is underway and you are encouraged to vote for your favorite company in each of the 3 categories and share with friends to do the same.


While there are thousands of great companies and entrepreneurs across the industry, we like to have some fun recognizing a few select startups at the time of year when lists of this sort are in popular demand. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do take the hard work and dedication of all the entrepreneurs in our community seriously and we love to celebrate their successes and tell their stories.


If you are not familiar with the companies, you can click on the name and it will take you to their AngelMD profile page or website.


The top 3 companies in each category will be announced in early January via the AngelMD newsletter, Vital Signs and in a press release. Each of the top 3 companies will be invited to share their story on the Innovation4Alpha podcast.


Thank you for participating and Happy New Year!


-Team AngelMD








To take the poll, simply add your email or name then select one company from each category and click “Next” in the upper right to advance.


If your startup does not currently have a profile / account on AngelMD, we encourage you to register. Create a personal account then you will have access to submit a startup profile. Once approved, it will be published live for our membership to access.



Access the poll by clicking HERE.

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