New Web Site Support

Over the last year, the AngelMD website has been undergoing a slow but steady overhaul. There is still much to be done, but we have completed the integration of a much easier framework for updating the volume of content our community generates on a weekly basis.

As we close this phase, and prepare for the next phase, we have added a few new support options:

Chat: if you have questions for the AngelMD team, you can chat live from 8:30AM MT to 4:30PM MT Monday through Friday.

Email: If no one is available, including week-ends and holidays, you will be prompted to leave a little information so we can follow up.
Knowledge Base: We are also starting to populate an updated knowledge base of articles to answer some of our most frequent questions. These are categorized into 4 buckets: startups, clinicians, investors and general.

As part of the major overhaul, we converted the platform address from to Aside from .com being a more widely recognized domain extension, there were some technical benefits to this conversion. That said, it’s still not complete. If you are not logged into are prevented from accessing previous profiles because the .co and .com sites are not full synchronized. There is a related issue tied to some registrations. Don’t panic, we will get this ironed out before we embark on phase 2.

While we are excited to now have the ability to rapidly add new content to the site in a host of forms, we have some terrific new functionality coming your way. In the meantime, we welcome you to stop by and visit our chat function and feel free to submit ideas and feedback.


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