CadexGenomics: Taking the Fight to Stage 4 Cancer (215)
Cadex Genomics
The Cadex Genomics mission and passion is to improve the lives of cancer patients. They have developed a novel, blood-based assays for patients with cancer. Over the past several years they have been working diligently to bring their first product to patients and the physicians who serve these patients. They are currently developing a new product called Alibrex, which is a blood-based assay that allows physicians to detect, in real-time, if the disease of their stage IV cancer patients is progressing. Alibrex is currently at the clinical stage and will be available commercially in 2023. The team members have successful track records commercializing molecular diagnostics for oncology at companies including Genomic Health (now part of Exact Sciences), Castle Biosciences and Veracyte. Science and clinical team members are affiliated with the University of New Orleans, Tulane University and the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF). Independent board directors include the Chief Legal and Regulatory Officer for 23 and Me. – Apple – Spotify

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