MD Next Magazine – Premier Issue
We are pleased to introduce MD Next magazine as the newest channel in the AngelMD OmniChannel suite to educate and entertain healthcare innovation stakeholders.

The magazine will be a quarterly for now and will cover an array of topics from featuring innovative startups to physicians and dentists with interesting careers to lifestyle elements relevant to our readers.

While we want the magazine to further innovation, we also want it to be fun. You know, all work and no play….

The MD Next website will continue to update articles including the calendar. If you have updates on a story, or have an event you want included in the calendar, please send us the info.

Soon we’ll offer an option to order print copies. Feel free to showcase them in your practice lobby or take a copy to the pool for a light read.

We also want to acknowledge the advertisers who underwrite the publication. While these companies are associating their brand with healthcare innovation, they are also making an impact in the ecosystem. Please reward them with your business.

Oh, you can also find the magazine on social media. Instagram and Twitter are both: mdnext_magazine

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