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A common denominator amongst the AngelMD community of members is that everyone is a life-long learner. We are firmly committed to raising the bar of expertise as a community whether you are an entrepreneur, an advisor, an investor or someone that is simply curious about innovation, technology etc.

We are building off our educational programming from the past few years to bring you a range of options from topical Master Classes to skill-building Courses. Some programs will start live, but all will be available in an on-demand library that will be rapidly expanding.

Community happens at AngelMD through a combination of events (live & virtual) and in digital form here on the website. We host events each month and support events of our Alpha Partners (medical societies, incubators etc) that occur regularly throughout the year.

Events Will Return

In September!

Pitch Club + When shark tank and open mic night had a baby, it was called Pitch Club. These one hour events occur every two weeks and are designed to showcase innovative startups while enabling them to get questions and feedback from clinicians and investors. More Info…

Impact Summits + Providing deeper dives into sectors of healthcare where innovation is needed and underway, Impact Summits are a great way to learn about healthcare and join in the action.
More Info…


Clinicians are the center of the AngelMD community. Whether you are a physician or dentist, this place was created for you.

Technology is advancing at a faster pace than anytime in history. Our families and communities all benefit from a more efficient and effective healthcare system. When it comes to healthcare innovation and business interests outside of clinical work, we want to be your resource.

In the end, the community is built by its members, so we welcome you to check it out. Getting involved with AngelMD is easy and Free. The first step is to join.


AngelMD provides opportunities to gain access to a wide selection of startups, clinicians and investors from all sectors of the healthcare ecosystem. Share your interests, find out what your peers are working on, and join the conversation.


Clinicians deserve a place to leverage their expertise and experience outside of seeing patients. The next generation of innovation and startups need clinician voices and influence.


We are a community of lifelong learners. Whether it’s business, entrepreneurship, investing or new technology, there is something for everyone.


The AngelMD Clinical Advisory Board (CAB) is a talented group comprised of hundreds of clinicians who provide clinical evaluations of healthcare startups and have the opportunity to further engage with and advise member startup companies. (see a small sample of our leaders to the right) 



AngelMD has created a suite a services and tools to assist startups from start to exit. Our aim is to demystify and de-risk the innovation process for both entrepreneurs and investors and create better outcomes for all parties.

While AngelMD specializes in organizing the key healthcare innovation stakeholders, we partner with organizations that provide specialized products and services that help our startup community optimize. We thank the following organizations for being part of this program and encourage every startup looking to upgrade their performance to try them out. In many cases, these organizations provide special offers to AngelMD startups.


The following organizations are leaning into healthcare innovation and collaborating with AngelMD to accelerate success across the industry. AngelMD helps fill cohorts, promotes events and provide exposure for portfolio companies involved with Alpha Partners.

AngelMD Capital LLC* sponsors and partners with funds to optimize opportunities for investors. 

Fund managers, family offices and corporate investors working with AngelMD Capital are able to leverage better deal flow, 

unparalleled clinical analysis and post investment support of portfolio companies leveraging thousands of clinicians and experts 

throughout the industry.


If you operate a fund, or are thinking about launching a fund,

we’d love to see if we can provide tools to help optimize your efforts. 

Contact Us and we’ll set up a time to speak. 


Catalyst Fund I
Catalyst Fund I was the first in a family of funds with the goal of investing in some of the most promising early stage companies in the AngelMD community. With the post investment resources of the AngelMD…

Managed Syndicates

Opportunity Zones are powerful tax incentives for accredited investors. If you have the knowledge, taking advantage of this program can be simple.


Just as with any business, any investor should be looking for an edge. If you are investing in private healthcare investments, there is no place—or set of tools—in private
healthcare investing that…

Clients Testimonials

Lloyd MencingerAqua Medical
Read More
‘It's been really neat to be connected with AngelMD. The network, relationships, to me, is the most powerful aspect in being connected because you want people to invest with you together, as a partner - not just money. We really need good partners, and I think that's one of the advantages in working with this team.’
Charu SinghalEtta
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‘The best thing that I gained out of Pitch Club is that a lot of contacts reached out to me after I pitched - that really helped us move our business forward.’
Richard TreadwellEmpirical Spine
Read More
‘Since our presentation to the AngelMD Pitch Club, there are some significant regulatory milestones that we have hit - We were designated a breakthrough device by FDA, and have submitted our PMA module 1.’
Joe CamarattaQRS
Read More
'Since our presentation at Pitch Club, we've made progress - raising $2 million series a round. We found a lead investor, who committed $1.5 million to the round, and an additional $350,000 in commitments towards that. In addition, we're making progress towards commercializing our technology. A number of radiation therapy centers are evaluating our technology for clinical deployment, and we have 2 strategic partners interested in using the technology and our product portfolio. So we're excited to keep going, and anyone who's interested in learning more about our technology or investment, please let me know.’
AngelMD Media
All of our latest content is sorted by Pitch Club, Summits the Innovation4Alpha podcast and more.
AngelMD Media
All of our latest content is sorted by Pitch Club, Summits the Innovation4Alpha podcast and more.