Altitude Lab

Altitude Lab is a launchpad for a new, diverse generation of healthcare founders. Our program enables founders to find community and build the solutions to serve a radically changing patient population. Founded by Recursion and the University of Utah, Altitude Lab provides both the physical infrastructure and a community of experts, investors, and mentors to… Continue reading Altitude Lab

World Trade Center Utah

The World Trade Center Utah leads Utah’s international business development and elevates Utah’s global status to promote prosperity and build economic resilience.  We do this by: Empowering Utah businesses to expand international sales to increase revenue and create jobs.   Attracting foreign investment and facilitating international partnerships to fuel innovation and business development.  Mobilizing Team Utah’s international… Continue reading World Trade Center Utah

InterMountain Healthcare

Intermountain Ventures focuses on new ventures, strategic investing, and strategic partnerships. The organization supports Intermountain Healthcare’s mission and vision through proof-of-concept pilots, spinouts, strategic investments, and new commercial business partnerships.Companies we support improve the quality, safety, and accessibility of healthcare – working to make healthcare significantly better for every human being.

Alliance Bernstein

As a global investment firm, we foster diverse perspectives and embrace innovation to help our clients navigate the uncertainty of capital markets. At Bernstein, we’re fully invested in delivering better outcomes. Whether you’re a global institution, financial advisor or high-net-worth individual, we’re committed to being your most valued partner. We foster a diverse, connected, collaborative… Continue reading Alliance Bernstein

Prime Alpha

PrimeAlpha is the destination site for alternative investment opportunities and their investors. We generate connections and help investors discover differentiated opportunities.Founded in 2015, PrimeAlpha was developed by industry practitioners as a cutting-edge technology platform to help managers and investors discover and network. Like many great solutions, PrimeAlpha was born from the pain points faced by… Continue reading Prime Alpha

Cambia Grove

Cambia Grove is a health care innovation hub focused on bridging the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sectors.Cambia Grove’s Health Care Innovation Advancement Framework better aligns innovation with its greatest potential for impact, not profitability. The framework tracks toward lowering per capita cost, improving patient experiences and improving population health by examining… Continue reading Cambia Grove

StartUp Health

StartUp Health is on a mission to achieve health moonshots and improve global health and wellbeing. We are investing in a global army of Health Transformers, over the next several decades, so that together we can speed up innovation, increase the probability of success and help billions of people live healthier, happier lives. There are… Continue reading StartUp Health

Podcast: Neurosurgeon & Innovator Geoff Colby, MD, PhD

Geoffrey Colby, MD, PhD is a neurosurgeon and expert specialist in the open microsurgical and minimally-invasive endovascular treatment of cerebrovascular disorders of the brain and spine. He is the Director of Cerebrovascular Neurosurgery and an Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Radiology at UCLA. Dr. Colby is also the Director of the Neurosurgery Residency training Program… Continue reading Podcast: Neurosurgeon & Innovator Geoff Colby, MD, PhD

The Wisdom of Peter Drucker for Startups

Peter Drucker was one of the most iconic business experts of the last century. The leader of our first fund had the great fortune to get to know Peter and in fact was the Interim Dean of his business school at Claremont College. Every time I come across something from Drucker’s work, I find new… Continue reading The Wisdom of Peter Drucker for Startups