Technology is advancing at a faster pace than anytime in history. Our families and communities all benefit from a more efficient and effective healthcare system. The innovation ecosystem includes a variety of stakeholders from startups to clinicians to investors to Industry.
AngelMD is designed to place clinicians at the forefront of innovation and create valuable benefits in the process. The net result is that entrepreneurs, investors, industry and other stakeholders all benefit from better outcomes.

In many ways, industry trends are working against clinicians. We hear this from our members and friends every day. While the tide may be going in the wrong direction, we have an antidote. We put clinicians back into a position of influence. We encourage your opinions and participation on a wide variety of fronts. Some of our activities are meant to entertain. Some are meant to be a source of learning and inspiration. Some provide opportunities to earn equity and others provide opportunities for side income. Regardless of the incentives, they all build on the expertise and relationships you have built over your career. We consistently hear that involvement in the AngelMD community adds enjoyment to the work you do Monday to Friday…so to speak. Serving patients is a key reason you got into this profession, but there are ways to impact patients far beyond the individuals you will personally treat this coming week. Driving innovation has the potential to improve outcomes and economics for millions of people and you are the key.