Healthcare innovation benefits everyone.

The first and last dollar spent on any of us is related to healthcare. The same holds true for our family members and friends. We all have a stake in effective, accessible and affordable healthcare. Healthcare innovation affects all of us and we believe physicians and dentists are critical experts in the process.


Clinicians are lifelong learners. Staying on top of innovation is central to the profession. AngelMD was created to give clinicians a place to work on their entrepreneurial ideas, support the efforts of others and learn and connect in the process. Along the way we created mechanisms to earn equity and/or side income by evaluating new technologies and startups.


While clinicians are the first half of our community, startups are the critical second half. We have grown to become the largest community of healthcare startups in the world and the community is growing every day. We are constantly working to offer tools, education, access to clinicians and investors and access to partners with the overarching goal of helping startups be more successful.

Our large clinician and startup membership drives value to two other important stakeholders: investors and Industry. Family offices and venture capital firms are able to take advantage of the deal flow, evaluation services and post investment support capability of our community. Industry is able to efficiently engage our clinician membership and gain insights into the new generation of digital KOLs.

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